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    IPC Management team

    The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is based in Bonn, Germany.

    Due to the enormous growth and the increasing complexity of the various services offered by the IPC, the once fully volunteer-managed organisation had to establish a professionally run office. With funding from the Federal Government of Germany as well as of the city of Bonn, relocation and expansion was made possible. The building was renovated and made wheelchair-accessible, and the IPC Headquarters were officially opened on 3 September 1999.

    The IPC Management team consists of the professional staff working under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With the authority delegated by the Governing Board, the CEO represents the Board and the Organisation in all day-to-day business affairs and in all proceedings and negotiations of all types against courts and authorities. The CEO is responsible for the management of the organisation including the authority to directly employ, supervise, control, review the performance and terminate staff.

    In addition to the full and part-time* members, the IPC uses the services of several experts* from different areas and interns.

    Contact Details
    Function Details
    Address Adenauerallee 212-214, 53113 Bonn, Germany
    Telephone +49-228-2097-200
    Fax +49-228-2097-209
    E-mail [email protected]
    Website www.paralympic.org
    Facebook www.facebook.com/paralympics
    Twitter www.twitter.com/paralympics
    Youtube www.youtube.com/paralympics
    Find us Download a map of IPC HQ
    Executive Office
    Function Name
    Interim CEO Mike Peters
    CEO Assistant* Ulrike Hoefer
    Executive Office Assistant June Hausen
    President Executive Assistant Matthew Morgan
    Legal and Ethics Committee / Board of Appeal of Classification Executive Assistant Leen Coudenys
    Athlete Engagement Manager Primrose Mhunduru
    Finance Director Corinne Bioret
    Finance Co-ordinator Mariele Schumacher
    Finance Co-ordinator Chethana Gotla
    Finance Assistant John Hurd
    Government Relations Manager Kristof Scheller
    Human Resources Senior Manager Alexandra Muth
    Human Resources Co-ordinator Thomas Briel
    Paralympic Games Sport & IF Relations Senior Manager Juergen Padberg
    Function Name
    Chief Operating Officer Mike Peters
    Director of the Operating Office Verena Conrad
    Diversity & Inclusion Manager* Bettina Kaus
    General Counsel Elizabeth Riley
    Senior Legal Counsel (commercial) Alastair Cotton
    Legal Counsel (sport & regulation) Gabriella Kristjansdottir
    Anti-Doping Director James Sclater
    Anti-Doping Manager Zinzi Sitoto
    Anti-Doping Manager Phillip Riemann
    Anti-Doping Co-ordinator Pritha Chakravarti
    Head of Administration & Procurement Frédéric Herrmann
    Administration Co-ordinator Valérie Bojanowsky
    Travel Assistant Kirsten Pütz
    Travel Assistant* Jessika Braun
    Membership Engagement & NPC Services Senior Manager Qayser Sachdev
    Membership Engagement Co-ordinator Elissavet Abdelnour
    Membership Engagement Co-ordinator (Asia) Sangwoo Hwang
    Membership Engagement Co-ordinator (Africa) Leonel Moukoko
    Membership Engagement Co-ordinator (Americas) Daniela Luchina
    Head of Corporate Development and Technology Patrick Stolpmann
    Head of Sport Information Technology Alexander Picolin
    Business IT Operations Manager Christian Felsberg
    Junior Web Developer Solomon Kamanga
    IT Services* Volker Zietlow
    Records & Information Manager Jan Coenen
    E-Filing Co-ordinator Danielle Biskup
    Function Name
    Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Craig Spence
    Public Relations Senior Manager Rafael Maranhao
    World Para Sports Digital Media Manager Nadia Medeiros
    Website Editorial Senior Manager Emma Storey
    PR and Editorial Co-ordinator Hernan Goldzycher
    Editorial Co-ordinator Rosalind Dumlao
    Media Operations Co-ordinator Ana Pereira
    Media Operations Co-ordinator* Sandra Lazarovski
    Head of Brand and Engagement Natalia Dannenberg-Spreier
    Digital Media Manager Annemarie Blanco
    Digital Media Co-ordinator Emma Logan
    Digital Production Co-ordinator Ryan Hills
    Digital Media Assistant Richard Fox
    Brand Compliance Manager Carolin Baird
    Design Services Manager Yosof Rohesh
    World Para Sports Brand Manager Annika Zeyen
    Marketing & Rights Activation Manager Mariel Avalos
    Design Project Assistant Tanja Aurand
    Ticketing & Marketing Services Manager Simona De Giuli
    Function Name
    Commercial, Broadcasting & Partnerships Director Alexis Schaefer
    Administrative & Project Support Claudia Monteiro da Rocha
    NPC Marketing Services Senior Manager Bart Schell
    IPC NPC Partnership Services Co-ordinator* Anne Blando
    Marketing & Commercial Manager Hannes Hoeltge
    Marketing & Commercial Assistant Matteo Ciampani
    Broadcasting Manager* Sascha Beck
    Broadcasting Manager Youngdo (Josh) Lee
    Broadcasting Rights Manager Alexis Vapaille
    Head of Partnership Services Nael Ogden-Smith
    Client Services Manager Kiriah Crane
    Partnership Services Co-ordinator Fiona Sanna
    Medical and Scientific
    Function Name
    Medical & Scientific Director Dr. Peter Van de Vliet
    Medical Manager Judith Van der Veen
    Classification Manager Tea Cisic
    Classification Co-ordinator Marieke Creese
    Classification Co-ordinator Elvira Pascual
    World Para Swimming Classification Co-ordinator Jovana Zrnzevic
    World Para Athletics Classification Co-ordinator Agata Gmiterek
    Protocol, Hospitality & Events
    Function Name
    Hospitality, Protocol & Events Director Stephanie Keller
    Protocol & Events Senior Manager Kim Fong Liu
    Event Manager Tatiana Simioni
    Event Database Co-ordinator Jon O´Donnell
    Guest Services* Sharon Slaney
    Paralympic Games
    Function Name
    Paralympic Games Integration Director Thanos Kostopoulos
    Paralympic Games Readiness Senior Manager Denis Pavlovic
    Paralympic Games Planning & Coordination Senior Manager Kathrin Becker-Montgomery
    Paralympic Games Planning Manager Daria Timoshenko
    Paralympic Games Coordination Manager Diane Francou
    Paralympic Games Manager Terrence Teixeira
    IPC Sports Knowledge Management & Championships Development
    Function Name
    Event Operations Manager Todd Fraser
    Volunteer Workforce Professional Development Manager Michael Collins
    Volunteer Workforce Professional Development Assistant* Andrea Herrera
    World Para Sports
    Function Name
    Managing Director of World Para Sports Christian Holtz
    World Para Athletics
    Function Name
    Head of World Para Athletics Haozhe Gao
    World Para Athletics Competition Manager Laura Danning
    World Para Athletics Technical Co-ordinator Albin Renteria
    World Para Athletics Event Operation Co-ordinator Anne-Flore Angot
    World Para Swimming
    Function Name
    World Para Swimming Senior Manager Tracy Glassford
    World Para Swimming Competition Co-ordinator Nyasha Mharakurwa
    World Para Swimming Administration Assistant Georgios Antoniou
    World Para Powerlifting
    Function Name
    Head of World Para Powerlifting Jorge Moreno
    World Para Powerlifting Competition & Development Manager Sam Munkley
    World Para Powerlifting Development Co-ordinator Dillon Richardson
    World Para Powerlifting Administration Assistant Tomono Mori
    World Shooting Para Sport
    Function Name
    World Shooting Para Sport Manager Tyler Anderson
    World Shooting Para Sport Administration Assistant* Berit Hansen
    World Para Dance Sport
    Function Name
    World Para Dance Sport Manager Camila Rodrigues
    World Para Snow Sports
    Function Name
    Head of World Para Snow Sports Dimitrije Lazarovski
    Winter Sport Administration Co-ordinator Elke Gundermann
    Winter Sport Administration Assistant Antonio Chiracu
    World Para Ice Hockey
    Function Name
    World Para Ice Hockey Manager Barbora Kohoutova
    Winter Sport Administration Co-ordinator Elke Gundermann
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