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Official website of World Para Swimming

    IPC Online Academy

    The IPC Academy online programmes are open for everybody who wants to learn more about the IPC and the Paralympic Movement. You might be an athlete, a coach, a technical official, sport medical practitioner, event organiser or generally just an interested supporter of Paralympic Sport or the Paralympic Games looking to test their knowledge.

    Furthermore, the online programmes are the entry levels (Level 1) to the World Para Swimming pathways on technical officiating, classification and coaching. There are different online programmes available, depending on your area of interest.

    Highly discounted voucher code packages for the online courses are available for purchase by NPCs and NFs. Please contact us at ipcsummersports@paralympic.org for more information.

    1. IPC Introduction to Para Sport (available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian): This introductory programme is free to register and upon completion of the exam you will be able to download a certificate of completion. If you wish to continue your education with the IPC Academy and register to complete another sport or skill specific online learning programme you must successfully complete this introductory programme first. Cost: 0 EUR

    2. World Para Swimming Technical Officials Programme (available in English and Spanish): Officials in swimming competitions have responsibilities to ensure the competition is run fairly and within the rules. In this respect, Officials in events face a set of unique challenges. From considering the qualities of a good official through to the understanding of specific rules applied to swimming events, communication skills and the structure of a Para sport competition, this programme contains the information required to become a knowledgeable Technical Official. Cost: 53.50 EUR

    3. World Para Swimming Classification Programme (available in English and Spanish): Every Para athlete undergoes classification comprising a physical assessment, a technical assessment and observation during competition. The first requirement for a person to become a World Para Swimming classifier is to take the World Para Swimming classification on-line programme. The programme details the essential information required to become a knowledgeable classifier. Cost: 53.50 EUR

    4. IPC Coaching Para Sport – an introductory programme (available in English and Spanish): This course is designed for coaches who have previous experience in training able-bodied athletes and now are shifting to train athletes with impairments. Para sport training requires extensive knowledge and skills in many fields such as training principles, exercise physiology and sports psychology. Cost: 53.50 EUR

    If you have any questions regarding World Para Swimming education programmes, please contact us at ipcsummersports@paralympic.org.

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