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    Level 1 competitions

    A level 1 competition is an approved competition by World Shooting Para Sport (WSPS). These events will follow WSPS Rules and have WSPS judges in attendance to oversee the competition. These competitions offer a mixture of Paralympic calibre shooters and new shooters who are looking to increase their skill.

    This makes these competitions ideal for beginner shooters. They introduce new athletes to the sport while showing them what it takes to be a high level shooting Para athlete. Should you have any questions or need more information our match competition staff and judges will be happy to help you on the path to development.

    These competitions are affordable to organise! Only 1 judge is required from outside the host country (if there are adequate judges within). If this is not the case we will use regional judges to help with their training and keep costs low for organisers.

    The best option is to combine these events with able body shooting events. This again keeps the costs low for organisers (staff/transportation/costs crossover) and is a better experience for all athletes involved!

    If you are currently running a competition or know of an able body competition (national championships) that may be eligible for a level 1 sanctioning please do reach out to us at WorldShootingParaSport@paralympic.org

    Level 1 competitions are not on the same level as Grand Prix or World Cup (level 2) competitions. One example of how they differ is that in level 1 competitions, scores count towards Minimum Qualifying Scores (MQS) for major competitions but the scores do not count towards World Rankings or Records. The complete differences are listed in Appendix 1 of the Rulebook.

    Level 1 competitions have been steadily growing to become some of the largest events we have. With the combination of top ranked athletes alongside new and beginning shooters – these competitions have something to offer for all athletes!

    Level 1 competitions
    Competition Discipline City, Country Date
    International Shooting Competition of Hannover (ISCH) Rifle/Pistol Hannover, Germany 4-14 May 2017
    USA Shooting National Championships Rifle/Pistol Fort Benning, USA 25 June - 2 July 2017
    South American Cup Rifle/Pistol Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay 1-10 September 2017
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