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Official website of World Para Powerlifting


    The sport is governed by the IPC, and co-ordinated by the World Para Powerlifting Sport Technical Committee. The relevant contacts can be found below.

    World Para Powerlifting

    Adenauerallee 212-214

    53113 Bonn


    Phone: +49-228-2097-200

    Email: info@WorldParaPowerlifting.org

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ParaPowerlifting

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/ParaPowerlifting

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/ParaPowerlifting

    World Para Powerlifting Management Team
    Position Name Telephone Email
    Head of World Para Powerlifting Jorge Moreno +49-228-2097-260 Jorge.Moreno@WorldParaPowerlifting.org
    World Para Powerlifting Competition and Development Manager Sam Munkley +49-228-2097-129 Sam.Munkley@WorldParaPowerlifting.org
    World Para Powerlifting Development Co-ordinator Dillon Richardson +49-228-2097-209 Dillon.Richardson@WorldParaPowerlifting.org
    World Para Powerlifting Administration Assistant Tomono Mori +49-228 2097-148 Tomono.Mori@WorldParaPowerlifting.org
    World Para Powerlifting PR Senior Manager Rafael Maranhao +49 228 2097-159 rafael.maranhao@paralympic.org
    IPC Sports Volunteer Workforce Professional Development
    Position Name
    Volunteer Workforce Professional Development Manager Michael Collins
    Volunteer Workforce Professional Development Assistant Andrea Herrera
    World Para Powerlifting Sport Technical Committee
    Chairperson Lt. Cdr. Kamaruzaman Kadir (MAS)
    Head of Education and Development Dora Szatmari (HUN)
    Head of Competition Pedro Meloni (BRA)
    Head of Classification Evgeny Mashkovskiy (RUS)
    Head of Officiating Ahmed Alhammadi (UAE)
    Athlete Liaison Sherif Osman (EGY)
    World Para Powerlifting 2019-2020 Advisory Group
    Head of Education and Development Dora Szatmari (HUN)
    Education and Development Jenny Cardenas (COL)
    Education and Development Mohammed Alqersh (YEM)
    Education and Development Noor Syahieda (MAS)
    Head of Competition Pedro Meloni (BRA)
    Competition Ibrahim Shaaban (EGY)
    Competition Adrien Balduzzi (FRA)
    Competition Gabriel Ramos (MEX)
    Competition Lance Brass (CAN)
    Competition Susumu Yoshida (JPN)
    Head of Officiating Ahmed Alhammadi (UAE)
    Officiating Zita Gyerko (HUN)
    Officiating Martin Capla (SVK)
    Officiating Conrado Brunacci (BRA)
    Officiating Reiko Chinen (JPN)
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