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Official website of World Para Ice Hockey


    Norway ice sledge hockey Ottobock equipment loaner programme Norwegians have been trying out sledge hockey for the first time in their local communities thanks to IPC Ice Sledge Hockey's Ottobock Equipment Loaner Programme. © • IPC

    Ottobock Equipment Loaner Programme

    World Para Ice Hockey had a two-year partnership with Worldwide Paralympic Partner Ottobock to develop Para ice hockey through the Equipment Loaner Programme.

    In the past, World Para Ice Hockey has faced challenges in helping the sport develop, especially in emerging countries where it was still in the early phases and needed more participation from both youth and adults.

    This programme hoped to fix this problem by helping emerging nations who are at the grassroots level in the sport, providing them with sledges for either six-month or one-year terms.

    In total, between 2013 and 2015 Ottobock World Para Ice Hockey with 30 sledges to distribute to National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) or organisations to build the future of the sport in their respective countries and build those organisations’ capacities to offer the sport.

    The programme also aimed to increase the number of athletes and rehabilitation centres practicing the sport, as well as to increase the number of people with an impairment who regularly practice the sport.

    World Para Ice Hockey selected the National Paralympic Committees or organisations who applied for participation in the programme and co-ordinated the distribution of equipment, which was supplied and maintained by Ottobock.

    The initiative also influenced emerging Para ice hockey countries to host public events to create further awareness for the sport.

    Norway, Italy, Croatia and Belgium successfully benefited from the programme. Click here to find out more about the results.

    PyeongChang 2018 Actualising the Dream Project – Equipment Grant Programme

    In July 2017 World Para Ice Hockey selected the National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) of Armenia, Australia, Kazakhstan and Netherlands to receive Para ice hockey equipment as they look to develop and grow the sport in their own countries.

    The four nations were chosen as part of PyeongChang 2018’s Actualising the Dream project, which is part of a partnership between the Agitos Foundation and the PyeongChang 2018 Organising Committee.

    In Armenia, Australia and Kazakhstan, the Actualising the Dream project will enable Para ice hockey to begin developing. The three nations successfully explained in their applications how they plan to use the equipment to introduce the sport to their nations and encourage people with an impairment to get involved.

    In the Netherlands two Para ice hockey clubs currently exist that include seven players, two coaches and five volunteers. But with the new equipment – which consists of sledges and sticks, as well as a grant to buy protective equipment – the nation will work to increase the number of players and build a relationship between the clubs and the federation.

    Partnership Agreement with Protective Equipment Supplier shop-hockey.com

    Since 5 July 2018, Shop-Hockey.com is the official supplier of protective equipment for World Para Ice Hockey. World Para Ice Hockey will use Shop-Hockey.com for its development activities. National Paralympic Committees also benefit as they are eligible for a 5% discount on the purchase when they enter a promo code ‘WPIH’.

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