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    9th Tunis International Meeting

    Walid Ktila Tunisia's Walid Ktila is one of the biggest rivals of Finland's Henry Manni © • Getty Images

    9th Tunis International Meeting

    From 24-26 March, the National Paralympic Committee of Tunisia will organise the 9th Tunis International Meeting, Africa's only IPC Athletics Grand Prix of the year.

    The Tunisian hosts believe they have always shown great organisational skills and aim to deliver a high level event, which since its initiation has seen an increase in the number of participants and the level of competition.

    Because of the location and warm climate, Tunisia is one of the prime destinations for neighbouring countries and even those further afield.

    The Tunis athletics meeting is a good opportunity for competitors to train and evaluate their technical level to reach other major sports events.

    Please use the following link for online entries: www.paralympic.org/entries.

    9th Tunis International Meeting
    City, country Name of the event Classification Date
    Tunis, Tunisia 9th Tunis International Meeting 20-22 March 23-25 March