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Agitos Foundation


    Man in a wheelchair talking to a class of school children

    The Agitos Foundation wants to encourage people with impairment to adopt an active and sporting lifestyle, supported by an enabling and inclusive society. Para athletes, their performances and stories have the power to change perceptions and inspire the next generation.


    We work with the International Paralympic Committee’s membership, governments and teachers to promote messages around human rights, sporting values and inclusion to school children.

    International organisations

    We develop strategic partnerships with international organisations that reinforce and promote the UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and we also connect those who require rehabilitation opportunities within programmes of support for war veterans, diabetes amputees and a range of other conditions and circumstances.

    Paralympic Museum

    The Paralympic Movement also has a rich heritage, comprising a wide range of inspiring moments, memories and mementoes. We want our archive to be of maximum value to the wider public and members of the Movement. In addition to meeting the current costs of curating our collection, we ideally wish to increase access to the archive both in digital form and through the establishment of a Paralympic Museum.

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